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In order to increase collaboration between Thrive Energy Pvt. Ltd. and IIIT Hyderabad we went and visited Thrive Energy Pvt. Ltd. site. The people who visited company site from IIIT Hyderabad were Mr. Saurabh Barjatiya (Chair energy conservation group), prof. Shatrunjay Rawat (Chair energy conservation committee) and Mr. Venugopal (Electrical engineer).

During our visit we met with Dr. V. Venkata Ramani (Head CSR) and Dr. B. Ranganayakulu (Managing Director) who welcomed us whole heartily. We discussed about energy conservation efforts being carried at IIIT and efforts made by Thrive Energy Pvt. Ltd.(like One child one light ).

We also discussed about various products manufactured by Thrive Energy and also about soon to be launched products under RND. We also saw demo of most of the launched products and we were also offered a very informative company tour where we learned about various stages which are part of product development. We were also lucky to see few samples of product under RND.

Finally we procured few samples of products that we liked a lot and we could start using immediately. Again we were offered the products even though there was near by delivery date for another important customer for same products, and even that at considerably lower prices then normally charged to customers.

To increase collaboration amongst our organizations we showed interest in trying products developed by Thrive Energy Pvt. Ltd. at our Institute campus. We also requested Dr. B. Ranganayakulu to visit IIIT Hyderabad campus and suggest ways in which we can get maximum savings by using products from Thrive Energy. We also requested Dr. B. Ranganayakulu to give talk to members of IIIT on Thrive and various efforts made by Thrive towards energy conservation.

Since Thrive Energy Pvt. Ltd is in Charlapally it is not convinient for people from Hi-Tech/Gachibowli areas to travel upto Charlapally to procure Thrive Products or to get them services/replaced. Hence, we offered to make IIIT Hyderabad a product/service center for Thrive products in Gachibowli/Hi-Tech city area. Even this idea was welcomed by members of Thrive Energy.

After working on various administrative details for about two months, on 23rd November 2010, we finally announced availability of Thrive Energy Pvt. Ltd. products in our campus. Any one who wants to purchase energy efficient systems can contact club members using contact information mentioned on website and obtain details on how Thrive products can be purchased from IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli.

This collaboration is beneficial for both Thrive Energy and Energy conservation club as it allows Thrive to have a product/service center in Hi-Tech city area. For energy conservation club, Thrive offered to reduce the prices of products so that when we sell products at normal rates to other customers, we get some profit which can be used to fund club activities, which can help towards making club self-sufficient.

We constantly keep in touch with Thrive for electrical products for buildings / area which are being constructed at IIIT Hyderabad, so that all new installations are as energy efficient as possible.

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