Links and downloads

Links and videos/pictures etc. which we have discovered over Internet which are related to our efforts are shared here. Some of the links take you to original website and others will allow you to download picture/video directly from here.

Links added on 17th June, 2020:

Links added on 22nd December, 2011:

  • Converting plastic to oil - This video is on invention that can convert plastic to oil. The generated oil can be distilled into Kerosene, Petrol, Diesel etc. for various purposes. This solved problem of plastic waste and also reduces carbon footprint.
  • Open sailing - This video is explains concept of open sailing. In open sailing sailers use wind, solar, wave, algae etc. for generation of energy and movement instead of using oil. Everything in open sailing is desinged to maintain harmony with nature.

Links added on 18th November, 2011:

  • Ten ways world could end - This video is a Ted talk given many years back and explains many different reasons why world could end. Eighth on the list is loss of ecosystem to survive.

Links added on 20th July, 2011:

  • The Miracle Water Village - Story of miracle water village of Maharashtra in which due to collective effort of farmers enough water is available throughout the year for agriculture. This is inspite of fact that village receives very less (400mm) rainfall every year.
    (Courtsey: Laxit Gavshinde, Facebook)

Links added on 31st March, 2011:

  • The Homeowners Guide - This website has lot of links and information related to homes including home energy efficiency, home safety, renovations etc.
    (Courtsey: Student of Aida Ballion, Monument Charter School)

Links added on 20th September, 2010:

  • Thrive Energy - Thrive Energy is company which manufactures LED lights and solar panels and also inverters which can be charged with Solar panels for rural office/house lighting. These lights provide much better luminance and consume much less energy compared to tube lights and even CFLs.
    They have also started One Child One light initiative to provide proper study lights for students in rural areas who at present use kerosene lamp lights for studying.
  • Bad effects of plastic - This video is about large amount of plastic which is now floating on ocean surface and how it is affecting marine life. It also talks about capacity of toxins to bind with plastic in comparison to plain water.
  • Doughlas Adams - Parrots, The Universe and Everything - Doughlas Adams, author of Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy talks about different endagered species and how human population has affected their ability to survive on this planet.

Links added on 13th September, 2010:

  • 15 minutes of must watch - A very nice video made by Pulkit Parikh (pulkitparikh [at] on various ways in which we can conserve energy, water, paper, reduce pollution, etc.. The original video is available here. The video starts by contrasting two very different scenarios one where people are in deplorable situation because of scarcity of water and other where water is being wasted enormously.
  • Story of stuff - A flash video explaining how stuff we use daily gets produced, its environmental impacts and how their costs are exteranizled. The video also talks about percieved obsolence and planned obsolence that make us buy things at much faster rate than necessary. The story of stuff video is also available with subtitles and in many other languages here.
  • An inconvinient truth - A master piece on environmental problems starring Al Gore (former vice-president of USA and winner of Nobel peace prize). The movie explains lot of scientific facts related to global warming in a very easy to understand manner. The movie can be purchased for personal viewing from here.