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Members of energy conservation club visit various places in IIIT campus and find out which lights are sufficient to light corridors. We try to find lights which are sufficiently spaced so that electricity used in powering lights gets used efficiently.

Once we have identified such lights we mark the lights with permanent markers of proper colors, which are as follows:

  • Black dots represent lights/fans which are sufficient for normal usage.
  • Red dots represent lights/fans which are not useful and should be avoided.
  • Green dots represent critical network/light/fan appliances which should be left on even during day. We should not switch off these devices to save power.

To create circle we use paper stencils which are made by punching proper circular holes in rough paper using punching machine. Hence, the dots which we make on switches are proper round in shape and hence looks very neat.

We talk to security guards who usually switch on lights in evening and electricians and explain them the purpose and significance of the marking so that they also understand about energy conservation efforts and take part in it.

We have also prepared an OpenOffice.Org document that we print and paste its colored printouts near boards where we have marked lights, so that people who pass also understand about markings and energy conservation effort. document can be downloaded from here.

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