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On 15th August, 2010 we met at 08:00pm in lab320, Main building and carried out following tasks:

  • We pasted note to switch of ACs and PCs in front of UG labs, teaching labs and PG labs. The doc files that were used to take print out can be downloaded from here (AC and PC, PC).
  • It was discovered that ACs in teaching labs were left on. The same was discovered last week while trying to configure hibernate program for teaching lab machines. Hence, we wrote email to energy conservation committee chair (Prof. Shatrunjay Rawat) to help in solving this problem.
  • We then went to NBH hostel and continued our work on identifing lights in wings and bathrooms which are sufficient to keep area lighted. As before, this time also we pasted legend which explains color coding near switch boards so that people who pass also become aware of our efforts and help in achieving our goal of conserving energy.

Members who attended this meeting were:

  • Amit Arora (MS)
  • Nishit Soni (UG1)
  • Chetan Gupta (UG1)

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