Meetings -> 19th September, 2010

On 19th September, 2010 we met at 08:00pm in lab320, Main building and first dicussed about progress of energy conservation club. In particular following points were discussed:

  • We talked about mine(Saurabh) and prof. Rawats visit to Thrive Energy company on last Friday (17th September, 2010). I told about various products that are manufactured by Thrive energy and also about soon to be launched products which are under RND stage at present.
    We also talked about making IIIT Hyderabad center for Thrive Energy products so that people nearby (5 to 10kms. away) can purchase prodcuts manufactured by Thrive from IIIT. This would also allow the club to become self-suistaining.
    I also explained plan of using 6W LED lights first in prof. Rawats office, then shifting NBH mess to LED based lights and then installing solar street lights in area between new Main building (under construction) and new Faculty quarters. I also told about One Child One Light initiative of Thrive Energy to students and why it is so important.
  • I told about repair work of lights in main building second floor. When we had initially marked lights in Main building second floor, few lights which were at good position were not working. Now those lights are repaired and can be used to save power.
  • I showed them the electrical reading page that I collected from electrical engineer which would allow us to track progress of our work. I would soon make webpage which would show electricity usage of IIIT Hyderabad in grpahical form. This graph should allow us to determine whether our efforts on conserving energy are useful or not.
  • I talked about having a full time employee to switch off unused lights, ACs, etc. This would save power and also generate employment.
  • Lastly I talked about usage of solar water heaters in OBH and different implications of forcing people to use solar heaters.

After this discussion we went to OBH and marked lights which are sufficient for lighting. We also decided that since all most all volunteers stay in OBH they can do marking work even during weekdays without my involvment.

Members who attended this meeting were:

  • Amit Arora (MS)
  • Chetan Gupta (UG1)

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