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On 26th September, 2010 we met at 08:00pm in 332B Nilgiri (Main Building). First I tried to take printouts so that we can go and mark lights in Vindhya building (Library block) but printer was giving problem. So we went to lab320 instead and planned for bi-weekly shows as part of energy conservation club of videos and movies related to environment, global warming, energy etc.

We decided to first show 'An Inconvinient Truth' on first meeting and only talk briefly about 5-10mins about energy conservation club. For second show we will show '15 minutes of must watch' video and then discuss in detail about each and every slide of video. For this we would prepare in next two energy conservation club meetings. After this in third show we can show video by "Doughlas Adams" on Parrots, The Universe and Everything. Then on fourth show we can show story of stuff, story of cosmetics, story of cap and trade, story of bottled water, etc. and talk about these in detail.

We finally went to workspace to see problems students are facing and saw that hibernate program was not working. Hence we asked techsupport team to replace hibernate program with shutdown program which has no drawbacks.

Members who attended this meeting were:

  • Chetan Gupta (UG1)

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