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On 15th August, 2010 we met at 08:00pm in lab320, Main building and carried out following tasks:

  • We went to configure teaching labs machine to hibernate when no user is logged in. But since we did not had root access we could configure only few machines. The idea is mentioned at this page in detail. (The task has been allotted to techsupport team now, who have root access on workspace and teaching lab machines.)
  • We tried to identify lights on Main building (Nilgiri) ground floor which can are not necessary for corridor/bathroom lighting. But we found that lights were sufficiently spaced and hence there was no redundant lighting. We also saw that tubelights are being used in bathrooms instead of CFL. We will recommend replacing tubelights by CFLs at least in bathrooms to Energy Conservation Committee which is offical committee in IIIT formed to work on energy conservation goals. The idea is explained in details here.
  • We then went to NBH hostel and identified lights in wings and bathrooms which are sufficient to keep area lighted and get work done. We again pasted legend which explains color coding near switch boards so that people who pass also become aware of our efforts and help in achieving our goal of conserving energy

Members who attended this meeting were:

  • Amit Arora (MS)

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